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What is a CleanTank?

Carbon and grease build-up on kitchen equipment is nothing new. You've spent thousands trying to combat the carbon monster and the grease goblin without success. You're frustrated - we get it - you think nothing will work. You think the Cleantank® is just another thing that will separate you from your hard earned cash. WE GUARANTEE the Cleantank® will solve your carbon and grease problem forever and will save your hard earned cash in the process.



Perhaps you've tried scrubbing away the carbon and grease problem.  Scrubbing doesn't work unless you stay on top of it every day and every shift.  It is so easy for carbon and grease to build-up when your only weapon is scrubbing.  Besides, scrubbing uses precious man hours and pours water and degreasers down the drain - all of these add up to real dollars over the course of the year!  

Maybe you've tried a cold water tank.  If you have you're probably not happy with the results.  Cold water tanks do not work as well as warm water tanks, like the Cleantank®, because they do not have heat to catalyze the reaction between the detergent and the carbon molecules.  It's that simple. 

There are all kinds of other crazy things our customers have tried before becoming a kitchen hero with the aid of the Cleantank®.  Some of them tried nasty spray-on cleaners, some of them have tried sandblasting their pans (we are not making this up), some of them have even used drills with a wire brush to remove carbon from their pans (again, truth is stranger than fiction), some of them have filled up trash cans with degreaser to soak their equipment every night without much luck, some have even used pressure washers to try and clean their hood filters outside in violation of various ordinances and common sense. 

Carbon and grease are FRUSTRATING PROBLEMS in kitchens - we get it - that's why the Cleantank® is here. The Cleantank® will solve your carbon and grease problem - WE GUARANTEE IT. 


Introducing the Cleantank®.

The Cleantank® is a stainless steel soaktank that uses warm water and an acid-free cleaning detergent to eliminate the toughest, nastiest, grease and carbon buildups.
The Cleantank® is small, portable:
  • External Dimensions: 209/16W x 3129/32L x 303/4H
  • Internal Dimensions: 181/2W x 275/8L x 267/32H

  • External Dimensions: 36 11/16" L x 19 13/16" W x 30 13/16" H
  • Internal Dimensions: 17 3/4" W x 32 7/16" L x 26 27/32" H

It can also be plugged into any standard 110v outlet. It only uses 40-60 gallons of water per month and the the detergent only needs to be changed once each month.
The Cleantank® is fast and effective, easy to drain, requires lower labor costs, employee safe, and Eco-friendly. Oh yeah, did we also mention that it also cleans aluminum...and almost everything else including:
  • Hood Filters
  • Sheet Pans
  • Saute Pans
  • Oven Racks
  • Conveyor Oven Parts
  • Half Pans
  • Bread Pans
  • Rotisseries
  • and so much more!
With the Cleantank®, you will not only save time and effort on fighting grease and carbon, but you will also save money, time, and resources on things like:


  • Cleaning Products
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Labor
  • Water
  • Issues with Health Inspectors
  • Worker's Compensation Claims


If you want to learn more about the Clean Tank® and how it can help you contact us today; testimonials and references are available.
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