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Financial Benefits

The CleanTank Smashes Labor Costs $3600-$15,000 per year! The CleanTank saves money by eliminating scrubbing. Every restaurant is different but if you can eliminate just one hour per day of scrubbing you would save $3600 over the course of one year! Some restaurants can save 3-4 man hours per day by soaking their smallwares instead of trying to scrub them clean at the three compartment sink. The CleanTank more than pays for itself in labor savings alone!

  The CleanTank Saves $700-$2,400 on Chemicals & Degreasers

What chemicals are you using to scour your smallwares? Caustic spray on chemicals? Expensive degreasers? Whatever you are using now you will not need them with the CleanTank! 

   Water? Try $900-$1,800

Yes, water. Water is still pretty cheap but is getting scarcer and more expensive all of the time. The average three compartment sink uses 840 gallons of water per day. The average cost of water is $2 per 1000 gallons but this doesn’t include sewer costs and the cost of heating the water. If you have a CleanTank you don’t need to use your three compartment sink nearly as much!   

Equipment Replacement - Savings Vary

Restaurants throw out heavily soiled equipment every day and invest in new sheet pans, pizza pans, saute pans which will become just as soiled. Are you throwing money in the trash? Don’t throw your smallwares out get them clean the easy way!

    Work Comp Claims - Savings Vary

Many products used to clean smallwares are very caustic. One work comp claim caused by a dangerous chemical can cost you thousands!